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5 reasons why supporting maternal and child health is key to eliminating HIV?

28 July, 2021

1. HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age around the world. (UNAIDS Report 2020) Living with HIV means an increased risk of co-infections for all, [...]

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COVID-19 infection turns fatal for an HIV patient

14 July, 2021

  Our mission is to save lives but the reality is, sometimes, we have to witness deaths despite all efforts. To see patients bounce back from critical health conditions is [...]

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COVID 19 - The sweet and bitter truths

19 April, 2021

With the onslaught of Covid 19 and the subsequent nationwide lockdown, normal life went for a complete toss in the first half of 2020. The emergency protocol along with the [...]

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3 reasons why we must prioritise human dignity and health rights of people who inject or use drugs

24 December, 2020

The moral and legal lens to drug abuse fuels social stigma and discrimination India has estimated 850,000 people who inject drugs of which an alarming number of 460,000 are children. [...]

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From COVID-19 To AIDS, It Is Important To Take Diagnostics Closer To Communities

7 December, 2020

The response to the two diseases require similar public health approaches – behaviour change, communication for prevention, linkages to testing, contact-tracing, care, support and regular follow-ups. With the end of [...]

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COVID-19 weakened my body, but my resolve to live remained undaunted

20 August, 2020

I am Subramaniam and I am a fundraiser. Let me share with you about my experience of testing positive for COVID-19. I live in Chennai with my wife and a [...]

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COVID-19: the acid test for humanity

2 June, 2020

In these Corona-hit times, the immuno-compromised community of people living with HIV is very vulnerable. In the midst of national lockdown, it was an ordeal for aged people, disabled persons [...]

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India’s focus on coronavirus leaves TB and HIV patients adrift

9 April, 2020

The lockdown imposed to contain Covid-19 has made it difficult for people with other diseases to access the medicines they need to survive. In the past two weeks, Ranvir and [...]

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COVID-19 et al: Virus spreads and never spares!

28 March, 2020

In a country where religion/politics is the fulcrum of operation, I have always witnessed curfews or ‘lockdowns’ around political contexts. The present situation is history in itself, of course by [...]

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Love for the nation is love for its people

31 July, 2019

We Indians do certain things in ‘uniquely Indian’ style. For example, it is typical of us to keep the plastic cover from newly purchased car seats intact or dry clothes [...]

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