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Love for the nation is love for its people

31 July, 2019

We Indians do certain things in ‘uniquely Indian’ style. For example, it is typical of us to keep the plastic cover from newly purchased car seats intact or dry clothes [...]

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Why ZERO Discrimination is crucial to ending AIDS in India?

1 March, 2019

“Within a year into my marriage, my husband fell ill and quickly became bedridden. He was diagnosed with HIV and AIDS. My health was normal at that time but in [...]

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The Ban Karo Syndrome

25 December, 2018

Lately, India is caught up in reacting with ‘ban Karo’ to anything and everything that remotely hurts our pride or disrupts our viewpoints. Ban on certain websites, ban on meat, [...]

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Pune woman who got fired for being HIV positive, gets justice after 3 years

4 December, 2018

The company had terminated her in 2015 after she submitted a medical document for claiming medical benefits which revealed that she was diagnosed with HIV, following which company asked her [...]

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Back To Basic

21 September, 2017

The fond memories of school still warm my heart even after so many years. I remember how unabashed and alive we were as thirteen-year-olds. Those were the times when we [...]

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Making College Education Possible

17 August, 2017

24-year-old Abhishek contacted HIV through a blood transfusion when he was being treated in the hospital for low blood platelet count due to chikungunya fever. He lives with his parents [...]

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Lives That Matter

20 July, 2017

We are born with innate desire to be valued. We don’t know why but it makes us happy when someone notices us. It gives us a sense of validation. In [...]

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Government launches new Testand Treat policy for HIV

4 July, 2017

The government on Friday launched a new policy for HIV under which anyone who is tested and found positive will get the necessary treatment. HIV destroys the CD4 T cells [...]

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HIV and Celebrities

4 July, 2017

We open Instagram and first thing on our feed is celebrities promoting different brand product which lure us to purchase them just because of the charisma of celeb who is [...]

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A fresh take on people living with HIV

12 April, 2017

For me, talking about HIV has always been difficult. Right since school days, when we were taught about the disease and the pain that comes with it, to the recent [...]

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