Empowering lives, ensuring dignity

An auto-rickshaw driver from Bangalore, Siddaraju, was worried about the future of his family as his wife and two children were living with HIV, and he was the sole earning member of his family.

At the Care and Support Centre (CSC), he had an in-depth discussion about his concerns regarding his financial situation, especially if he met with an accident. Keeping these concerns in mind, the CSC helped link his children with the OVC (Orphan Vulnerable Children) scheme as supported by the International Labour Organization (ILO). At the same time, he was linked to an Accident Benefit Card, under the Ministry of Labour and Employment. Also, the CSC initiated support for his children’s education program.

Today, his wife is working as a Peer Counsellor in a Parent to Child Transmission (PPTCT) project in Asha Foundation. His daughter is presently pursuing her second year Bachelors in Art, and his son is studying for a Diploma course. Satisfied and hopeful, he feels confident about his future, and participates proactively at the CSC to help ensure a stable life for others living with HIV.