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A fresh take on people living with HIV

12 April, 2017

For me, talking about HIV has always been difficult. Right since school days, when we […]

India Risks Backsliding on Success Against HIV UN Envoy

20 June, 2016

New HIV infections in India could rise for the first time in more than a […]

HIV positive girl back to studies

20 June, 2016

A 20-year-old HIV positive girl, who was ostracised and forced to leave her hostel after […]

After 5 Month Ban HIV Positive Boy Returns to School

20 June, 2016

Just five months ago, he was banned from entering his school after news of him […]

News in Numbers 2.1 million people living with HIV in India UN report

20 June, 2016

According to a report, an estimated 50,000 new HIV infections among youngsters accounted for 15% […]

HIV positives moms deliver 100 virus-free babies

20 June, 2016

The state-run J J Hospital’s gynaecology department has scored a perfect 100 in one of […]

India Home to 21L HIV positive 3rd highest in world

20 June, 2016

India has 21.17 lakh people living with HIV, the third largest in the world after […]

HIV/AIDS Test Center

Why not set up HIV testing centre in each district SC asks centre

20 June, 2016

India has the third-highest number of people with HIV in the world with number of […]


Over 40% living with HIV in India are women

8 February, 2016

Despite significant progress with HIV/AIDS, there is an urgent need to focus on educating and […]

Non Profit Organizations in India

Widespread Lack of HIV Awareness in Indian Adults

21 January, 2016

A drop in funds for Information, Education and Communication (IEC) may be responsible for the […]

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