About Us

About Us

The End AIDS India campaign is touching and improving thousands of lives with the help of people like you. Together we are proud to support the vision of an AIDS-free India.

The campaign raises awareness and resources to PREVENT the spread of HIV, extend access to CARE by ensuring availability of health services for people living with HIV and EMPOWER those vulnerable and affected by the epidemic to live with dignity in an environment without stigma and discrimination.

In order to end AIDS, we need to make progress not just in providing access to health services but also across a wide spectrum of rights and ensure the life of dignity to key populations like migrant workers, truckers, sex workers, transgender community along with children and adults living with HIV.

Hosted by India HIV/AIDS Alliance, the End AIDS India campaign raises useful resources to combat the spread and persistence of HIV in our country through grassroots community interventions implemented by the campaign’s four NGO partners.

The campaign will contribute to the efforts to end AIDS in India by 2030 and reach the goal of ‘ZERO Impact’. Zero new cases of HIV, zero deaths related to AIDS, and zero cases of discrimination. To achieve this goal, we must:

  • Raise awareness around HIV prevention.
  • Educate society to reduce stigma faced by people infected or affected by HIV.
  • Provide access to treatment, care and support for people living with HIV.

Funding to end AIDS globally and in India has decreased considerably in recent years. While as a nation we have made progress yet almost 50% of the population are still not on treatment hence while we strive to cover this gap the funding gap is making it difficult to sustain our current levels.

Recent success has led some to become complacent, our efforts are in danger of dissipating unless they are consolidated. Due to resource unavailability preventive and awareness related activities have declined sharply threatening to reverse the modest gains achieved and research suggests new cases are still substantial.

We at End AIDS India are optimists. By working towards a common objective together, we can reach our goals faster. We are proud of our supporters and friends like you who believe that every human being has the right to live a healthy and dignified life. Together, we can end AIDS.